Club Targeted Meets


Please find attached the list of summer targeted meets.  Coaches will be present at these carnivals and they look forward to seeing lots of swimmers in attendance.  If you have any queries, please see your coach.


23 September     Playford (LC)

13 October          Norwood (LC)    

20 October          All In Summer (LC)    

10 November      Division 1 (LC)    

18 November      Gawler (LC)    

24 November      Tea Tree Gully / STARplex (LC)    

7-11 December  Victorian State Championships (LC)    

9 December        Marion (LC)    

19-24 January    South Australian State Championships (LC)    

9 February           Clare (SC)

23 February         Division 1 (LC)

23 March              STARplex Meet 1 (SC)

29-31 March        Mad March (LC)




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