Officials and Volunteer Roles


All Parents of Club Members will be required to act as officials at meets.  These roles vary from simply filling a timekeeping slot, helping in marshalling, or undertaking roles as Inspector of Turns, Judge of Stroke, Recording or Check Starting.


Some of the STARplex Officials have gone on to become referees at State level.


Everyone starts somewhere and the first step is to volunteer.  You will be provided with guidance about what to look for and soon pick up the rules for various strokes.  Once feeling confident then you can be assessed and become Accredited. When you are accredited in 2 or more roles, you will receive free parent club membership worth $45.00


Even if you do not want to be accredited it is a great way to participate in your child's sport and help them understand the rules and prevent being disqualified when it matters most.


If you would like to find out more please email 


If your child is swimming at a carnival or meet, parents will be rostered to fill the numbers of officials that we are required to provide. 


More information is available on the links below.


Introduction to Officiating


Introductory Officiating General Principles course


The course is aimed at first time and beginner officials (eg. parents). The course contains three modules and will take approximately four hours to complete.  There is assessment included within each module of the course.  This course is a requirement for all new officials who would like to move on to accreditation for a particular technical role.



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