White Handicap Cards


A handicap card is required if a swimmer enters a BBB event or a Handicap (HCP) event at a carnival.  These events are normally held during meets in the summer season at country carnivals. Swimmers enter these races in order to win medals in events which are not based on the fastest time completed (the playing field is levelled).


Please ensure you refer to the Handbook for the events list, as the events may not have HCP or BBB listed in the event description when entering online.


White cards are available from the Nominations Officer and are in the pocket on the pool deck noticeboard and should be completed as per these instructions:


  • The swimmer/parent must complete the card and hand the top portion in to the Nominations Officer or place it in the Nominations box on pool deck before the meet closing date - complete and circle the event and other details as per the example
  • The top portion is sent by the Nominations Officer to the carnival organiser in advance in order to enter the event
  • The bottom portion is retained and taken to the carnival by the swimmer to hand in at the start of the meet as confirmation that the swimmer will participate
  • Any questions on the day of the meet should be directed to the appointed STARplex Team Manager


  • A 'Go Mark' will be calculated based on the declared entry time (generally your current PB rounded to the nearest whole second)
  • Instead of a starters whistle, a flag will fall and the starter will start counting
  • The swimmer leaves the block when the starter reaches their 'Go Mark' given to them in marshalling
  • All swimmers should finish at roughly the same time however the fastest swimmer, who hasn’t exceeded their entry time, is the winner (or goes through to the final)
  • If you exceeded your time (swam too fast) you will be eliminated

Please note that times achieved in handicap or BBB events are not official and are not recorded on the National results database.


The Nominations Officer will complete these cards for any teams entered in Handicap Relays and give them to the Team Manager for the carnival.


If you have any further questions, have a chat with an experienced parent, a Committee member or email the Nominations Officer at starplex.nominations@gmail.com




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