Awards and Trophies


Each May at the Club Annual Awards Presentation night, the Club awards it's members for their various achievements during the previous season.  These awards are aimed at all swimmers, not just those swimming at the highest levels.  The full awards list can be found here: 2019-2020 Award Winners 

2019/2020 Perpetual Trophy Winners

Presidents Trophy

President’s Trophy – Greatest Contribution by a Club Member  Adele Reimann



Coaches Choice Award

Coaches Trophy - Cody Plummer and Phoebe Reimann




Most Improved Trophies

STARplex Trophy – Most Improved Male Swimmer, Senior Squads – Cody Plummer

Lillecrapp Trophy – Most Improved Female Swimmer, Senior Squads – Phoebe Reimann

Lane Trophy – Most Improved Male Swimmer, Junior Squads – Harrison Stubbings

Howarth Trophy – Most Improved Female Swimmer, Junior Squads – Grace Seyfang



Stroke Improvement Trophies

James McKechnie Trophy – Most Improved Breaststroke Swimmer – Ethan Herbst

SAJE Exports Pty Ltd - Most Improved Freestyle Swimmer - Isabella Dowler

Most Improved Backstroke Swimmer - Harrison Stubbings

Most Improved Butterfly Swimmer - Cody Plummer

 Most Improved Medley Swimmer - Ethan Herbst

Barker Trophy - Most Improved Open Water Swimmer - Hannah Foster

Most Improved Multiclass Swimmer - Aiden Grigg




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Points Trophies

Female Open Carnival Trophy - Most Club points at Open Carnivals – Phoebe Reimann

Male Open Carnival Trophy - Most Club points at Open Carnivals  – Jarrad Smith

STARplex Trophy Female - Most FINA points by an individual – Phoebe Reimann

STARplex Trophy Male - Most FINA points by an individual – James McKechnie



Life Members

Jodie Lane (awarded 2013)

Lyn Lillecrapp (awarded 2013)

Janet Howarth (awarded 2013)

Ynez Grimes (awarded 2014)

Chad Rachwal (awarded 2014)

James McKechnie (awarded 2018)

Nicki Jackson (awarded 2018)





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